Monday, June 30, 2008


David was asked to fix the flagpole rope at the church. He had a manlift sent there, and Jason, Eric & I met him there after work last week. He tried to get me up there, but there was NO chance in that happening!

Here are the boys heading up for a ride. They took their skateboards with them thinking that they would jump off of it - until they saw it. Good thing it's all enclosed - just in case!

It may not look like it, but they are up really high. I'm thinking this is against OSHA rules!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

2 more graduations/promotions!

Simon & Noah both graduated last week! Simon graduated from middle school & Noah graduated from elementary school. I asked the secretary at the elementary school what they were going to do without anymore Prescott's there - she said it wasn't going to be the same! At least the school is still standing! Maybe Wyatt will go there when he is big enough??

It's hard to believe that Simon will be in high school next year & Noah in middle school... can it really be possible? Wasn't I pregnant with them yesterday? It really has gone by way too fast!

Jamey wasn't able to attend Noah's promotion ceremony since he was on an airplane flying home from Europe - but he made it home in time for Simon's ceremony (with just 4 hours of sleep). But since Jamey wasn't there for Noah's we brought along Bryce & Kenny to help us cheer when he got his diploma.

Of course we had record breaking heat last week - 10-20 degrees hotter than normal for this time of year... can you say sweaty? Both took place out side, Noah's ceremony was at 8AM & it felt more like noon.

Good job boys!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Eric's 1st Temple Trip

Eric turned 12 on May 29th. He has been so excited to go to the temple for the first time. He hunted down the Bishop and got his interview for his recommend all on his own. The temple closes down next week and so we went there on Wednesday night so he could have his first experience. He was really happy that he got to go. It's nice when your kids want to do those kind of things!!

Jason's 15!!

Jason turned 15 on June 15th - Father's Day. On Saturday we had a little family swim party, and Monday we went to Chipotle for his birthday dinner. At least his birthday got to last a few days!! Jason is really an awesome young man. He is a lot like his dad. I'm so happy he's MY kid!
Jason, Eric, Troy & David. They really make me happy.
(When they're not arguing, anyway!!)

Kathryn & Wyatt. He's soooooo cute!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Party people.... (after the graduation)

Waiting for the graduation ceremony to begin....
The class of 2008 - if you look closely, you can see the back of Zak's head....
After the ceremony.....
Marcus with his diploma!
Zak & Marcus - high school graduates... Finally!!

Okay, so my pictures are out of order, sorry! I don't feel like starting over....
On Friday June 6th, 2008 Zak graduated from High School. I can hardly believe it! His buddy Marcus graduated the same day, same school - so we were able to cheer for him too. It was a great ceremony, only about an hour long - which was nice since we sat facing the sun & it was a warm/bright afternoon. All of Zak's family on his mom's side came to the graduation except for his Uncle Todd (who lives in Utah). So with all of them, plus Troy & Jason as well as the Mitchell's & the Stanton's, there was quiet a cheering section. I can't believe that within the next few years there will be many more graduation ceremonies for the Prescott family - Zak was just the beginning!!
Congratulations Zak! Good job!!