Saturday, October 27, 2012

Favorite Things

Eric has a few loves in life.  His guitar, his xbox, and recording music onto his laptop.  One would think if they didn't know any better that to take all those things in one day would crush the kid.  The kid has been crushed :(  Tuesday we were robbed, and all of those things were taken.  A few other things as well, including the gold & diamond "MOM" necklace that the boys bought me for Mother's Day several years ago.

Just last week Eric entered a contest for his favorite band and uploaded a video to youtube.  This may be the only picture of his guitar we even have.  He didn't win the contest, and he will have to wait for new toys, but life goes on.  He's been a super good sport.  He always is. 

Among the disappointments, there was also a real high.  He received his Patriarchal Blessing.  During Conference weekend, he asked his Bishop for an appointment.  Yes, there is a distinction between Dad and Bishop in our house!!  Funny story - last week he had an appointment, fasted all day long, and at 7pm went to Patriarch's house.  Patriarch had forgot!  So he asked Eric to return this week.  He fasted again all day Thursday and returned again.  I'm pretty sure he feels that it was worth it.  I always knew he was extra special. 

Today he is out surfing with SSC (Sweetwater Surf Club).  I'm glad he loves to surf and act, too.  It may help with the sting of an empty wall, desk and tv cabinet :)  He's not super good at surfing yet, but he's a BOSS at acting. 

We're sure lucky he's our kid!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Twenty Five

I love this time of year, not just because of the cooler tempatures, Santa Ana winds, or the shorter days (more snuggle time) but actually I love this time of year because it reminds me of the most important decision that I've made so far in life - oh so long ago. It reminds me to reflect on my life & appreciate all that I have, all the changes I've been through and how far I have come (and sometimes how far I still have to go!).
Twenty five years ago today I married my high school sweetheart, my best friend, my love and I have never looked back. Can I say the last 25 years has been easy? No certainly not but nothing worth while ever is... I guess I would have to thank the people out there who took bets on our wedding day that we wouldn't last six months.... even though at the time it really hurt my feelings. But looking back, I think knowing that some people didn't think our marriage would work out, made us try harder. Jamey & I were night & day different. He the bad boy, me the good girl - but we've had an incredible spark from the moment we first met that has not died & never will. We've been through a lot together and I am thankful for the good & the bad because they have made us better people. I am thankful for his love & companionship - it gets me up in the morning & keeps me going during the day.

I'm thankful for the father he is to our boys & the example he sets for them on how to treat a wife.  I'm glad that he hasn't grown tired of me & that we still like to have fun together. He is my strength & the person I turn to in all things. He puts up with my weird quirks & still makes me feel beautiful, even more so as I age. I'm grateful for the changes he made in his life so that he can be my eternal companion. I hope that the next 25 years are even better than the first!