Sunday, May 30, 2010

Eric's 14th Birthday

Eric turned 14 yesterday. I know I always say it, but it's hard to believe he's that old. He's such a funny kid. He's always wanted to be a comedian or do voice overs for cartoons.He had a little birthday party with some friends over yesterday. I am so glad the weather turned out so nicely.
After the party, David, Eric & I went to Islands for dinner. Then we went to see Prince of Persia. It was a great day and he got all of the attention to himself. Sometimes, being the baby isn't so bad.
Happy birthday, Bubby. You are an amazing young man, and we are truly blessed that Heavenly Father sent you to us.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Swim Awards

Last night was the swim banquet. It's always so much fun to review the accomplishments that the boys have made throughout the year. Last night was no exception.
Jason got several awards: a bar for his 3rd swim letter, Captain's Star, Varsity MVP, CIF Patch, and Union Tribune All Academic Team Award for being an outstanding athlete and student with over a 3.0 gpa. Jason also made a few school top 20 lists, one being the 11th fastest student in the 100m breaststroke. Way to go! The swim team has a plaque that hangs in the aquatics office
of all the parents who receive "The Reistetter Award" for outstanding boosters. David and I received the award this year for all our support for the team. We even got our own plaque to keep! I also received a HUGE bouquet of flowers for all my help.

It was such a fun evening. I can't wait until next year!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gracie's First Birthday!

Well my pictures were added backwards, sorry! Anyway, yesterday was Gracie's first birthday & on Saturday we all got together to celebrate that exciting moment in her life! It was a fun get together with family & friends (although we did miss David, Dee Dee & boys as well as G&G Prescott). As you can see by the pictures above she enjoyed her birthday cake!

We love her so much & glad she is the newest member of our family (for a whole year)!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Swim Finals

Swim season is winding down. This last week was Varsity League Prelims and Finals. In Prelims, Jason didn't do so well. It was just a bad day. He was pretty bummed about it. He made up for it in finals, though.
Here is his relay team. They came in 2nd place for 200 free relay, and 3rd for 200 medley relay.In his individual events, he came in 2nd for his 100m breast stroke, and 5th for his 50 free. He got the best time he ever got in his breast stroke. Way to go!!
Next week, CIF prelims and finals, and then good-bye swim season 2010!!

Spring Dance Concert

Last Thursday we went to the high school dance concert. It was a lot of fun watching the teens that we know. Troy was aksed to participate in the senior guy/girl dance. It was so cute watching him. He was even front and center for a little while. I didn't know he had the moves he has!! Sitting in front of us was a girl with a t-shirt on that was painted in huge letters I {HEART} TROY. She screamed, "I love you Troy" during the whole performance. It was a little weird, since Troy was dancing with one senior girl, while his girlfriend was in the performance as well, with a third one screaming she loves him. Apparently this girl is just really good friends with him. I wonder if she knew we were his parents:) He did a great job and I'm glad he is learning new things all the time. (Pictures & video not allowed)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Eco Challenge

Friday & Saturday we had the Stake Eco Challenge. Saturday morning was the Mormon Helping Hands. It was a lot of fun. We camped, worked hard, and did relays, and the weather was perfect! Some of us worked really hard. Mostly Marsha and the men.
Here's Troy's group on one of the relays. Their knot tying wasn't too good, and poor Stacey dropped like a rock. I don't think she'll volunteer for this activity again!

Here's Andrea showing the youth how to use her elephant trunk to knock down water bottles. Can you tell she's yelling, "hey Dee Dee, no pictures"?!!! Tim, Fielding, Jason & Seth waiting for all the groups to get back. They were a fun team to watch!

And the winners are...the youngest boys!! Tyler, Eric, Noah, ??, David. They kicked butt on the whole activity. Way to go Deacons!!