Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The night before last after falling deep asleep, Zak came into our room to ask me to rub his back. Seems he had been awake for a while with terrible back pain - since it had only been about an hour or two since I fell asleep, I was pretty out of it. I proceeded to try & rub his back with my sleepy hands when Jamey woke & asked what was wrong. Zak explained that he had a back ache & couldn't sleep. Jamey told him to take some Advil & then try again to go to sleep. An hour or so later Zak was back in our room - it wasn't until then that we started to realize the seriousness of his pain. Jamey got up immediately to assess what was really the matter. I on the other hand took a little longer to register what was going on... When I got up to check on them, Zak (hesitently) explained that he had been throwing up because it hurt so bad. Of course I immediately wanted to take him to the ER but Jamey being the calmer of the two of us wanted to wait a bit before heading to the Emergency Room. Many years ago Jamey too woke in the middle of the night to pain he had never experienced before & by the time he got to the ER the pain had subsided.

Anyway, Jamey kept telling me that it was probably a kidney stone - which I was pretty sure it was too since my dad has had them all my life & as luck would have it, my sister & brother have both experienced the incredible pain of passing a few stones too... But we aren't doctors - I was worried it was his appendex & knew that if it was & he didn't go to the doctors to have it removed he could die! I kept searching the net for answers on what causes back pain, where are the appendex located in your body, etc... Luckily for me, I completely trust Jamey's judgement when it comes to my kids & going to the emergency room (we've had a lot of practice). So I figured that one of us would need some sleep in case by morning it wasn't better & I had to take him to the doctors - so I went back to bed (not that I got any sleep worrying). A couple of hours later Jamey came back to bed & said that Zak said the pain was starting to go away & he wanted to go to bed too. I again worried the rest of the night. In fact when I went in to wake Nate for Seminary I stood next to his bed to make sure I could hear him breathing. It was like he was an infant all over again!! He was breathing so that meant that it wasn't appendicitis & that he made it through the night.

Zak called me later that morning to thank me for staying up with him. He said the pain just went away. We all agree that we hope that never happens again! I've decided that NOTHING in this life is worse than seeing your kid in pain & not being able to do anythign about it! We'll be visiting his doctor as soon as he gets back into town... He's living the life of a rock star this week - sorry Kim, I know that is your dream :o)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our New Sister!!

This is Jody. She is our new sister-in-law. Well, on Sunday she will be. She will be marrying the 3rd Prescott son, Brien. She is a lot of fun. Tonight Andrea, Kathryn, Jody and I went to dinner to have our own little bridal shower. We gave her some stuff from Victoria's Secret. She's a little embarrassed here. The guy at the other table was sure checking her out, though. He was a little scary!!
Here's Kathryn, me, Jody and Andrea. We forgot our cameras, so we used my cell phone. Jody asked the lady that worked at the restaurant to take our picture. The lighting wasn't very good, and it was a LONG process, but we got one semi-decent picture.

I'm so glad we all get along and enjoy being around each other. Congratulations, Jody & Brien. We're soooo happy for you!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Troy's 17th Birthday

Troy turned 17 on Monday, Jan 19th. I can't believe I'm old enough to have a son that's 17!! He was really happy to have the day off from school. I took him and his cousins to 2 skate parks, then Troy went over to their house and hung out for awhile. Leave it to Troy to be late for his own party!! His party was a little rushed because everyone had so much to do, but he was thankful so many were able to come over and wish him a happy day. Tonight we're going to dinner to celebrate since we didn't have time last night. That's definitely one of his favorite things to do - eat dinner out. What does that say about my cooking, anyway?!!
Happy Birthday, Troy. We sure love you.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Troy's First Baptism

In our ward they try to have the Priests do baptisms. It's been a great experience for all the boys who have done them. Troy was asked to baptize these two boys, Elijah and Tyler. The baptism was at 5:30pm.
The conflict - the boys have seminary on Sunday nights @ 6pm now to replace Monday seminary. Long story short: School starts at 9:30 on Mondays, and the kids don't want to go to seminary at 6am.
So, we were at the baptism. It was 5:47 and opening song was just getting started. I rushed Jason off to seminary at the SV Bldg thinking there would be plenty of time with 2 talks, and two baptisms before Troy did his. WRONG. As I was returning, the mission president and his wife were leaving. They said, "Your son did a great job". I got back inside for closing remarks, song and prayer. I MISSED IT! I was pretty bummed. I asked Troy how he felt, if he was nervous or felt the spirit, or what. He said "Both". (Teenagers don't talk that much - at least to parents!!) So I took Troy and off we rushed back to the SV Bldg so he could get credit for being at seminary, even if it was only 25 minutes. I sat it the car and waited for them, and was a little sad, but thankful that my son was worthy to perform this sacred ordinance.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

More birthday fun!

Since it was Noah's 12th birthday we decided to throw him a small surprise party with just a few of his closest friends. This was pretty exciting since it was a surprise & it was with his friends. Normally my kids birthday parties are with just family - so this was extra special. I know you're thinking my kids are neglected because they've only had birthday parties with family.... (Even though I think birthdays are pretty special, I have never bought into the HYPE that you have to throw them a huge birthday party in order for them to feel special). Okay maybe I did when Zak turned ONE but that soon changed. Needless to say, I think this little get together was an extra surprise because the only family that was there was Eric (but that is because they are good friends too).