Thursday, February 19, 2009

Missionary Update

Our Bishop went on a work trip to Washington DC and this is who he found. It was really nice of him to look up these guys and spend some time with them. Looking at these pictures just makes me miss them more. It's nice to see they have lots of family photos on the wall to remember us all.

Only 5 more months to go! We'll be so happy when they come home!! Grandpa looks a little short compared to Bishop. Ha ha.
I'll go out on a limb here and say this is the Washington DC Temple. Thanks for sharing your visit with us, Bishop.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks??

After giving Lady some reading glasses, she sat right down to read up on her skateboarding magazine subscription! She was so happy!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Boys' New Car

We've been looking for a car for the boys for awhile. We finally found one today! They didn't want to go with us to look, so they are stuck with what we've found. I think we got a really good deal. It's a 1996 Saturn SL2 with only 55,000 miles.
As soon as we drove up, they ran outside. Troy & Jason went driving around, then Eric wanted in on the action. They went to their cousins' house, but nobody was home. Grandma wasn't home either, so they were a little bummed they couldn't show it off. Now the grades just need to come up so they can drive more. PLEASE hurry, boys! I'm so ready to not have to drive them to seminary, school & practice!
Everybody is sick here except me. I hope they all get better soon. They could make music with all the coughing!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Such the Slacker

I have been working so many hours lately that I hardly even check the blog. Tonight I'm tired and sitting in front of the warm fireplace with the laptop trying to get caught up on everyone's lives. Unlike Melissa, I love warmth. Poor us in San Diego, it's raining tonight. Boohoo. Hahaha.

To catch you up on our lives, here's what's been going on:
  • First & foremost, Brien & Jody got married on Jan 25th. We're so happy for them. We really love Jody and are looking forward to getting to know her even better.
  • Jason got his driver's permit a few weeks ago. After letting him drive home from school one day, I decided it would be best if his dad took him out for awhile. The following Saturday David spent a few hours with him driving. David still needs to spend more time with him before I can handle the stress of another teen driver.
  • Troy got his driver's license on Tuesday. He was so happy and only missed one point. He did such a great job, only to get home and realize his restriction for bad grades means he's not driving on his own yet. Poor kiddo. Sometimes being a parent really sucks!!
  • Eric is still Eric. He's such a crack up. He still bugs me about wanting to be an actor or do voice overs. That's always been his dream. His pediatrician has always said that someday down the road he'll turn on the tv and see Eric and say, "I knew that guy"
  • David has been working as usual, thank goodness! He is out now doing splits with the elders. He's enjoying being the YM Varsity Leader. He loves the boys (especially because 2 are his!) and he loves high adventure type activities.
  • Me, I'm in front of the computer all the time, just not blogging. I have been asked to take on more work from my office, and it's taking all my extra time, and then some. I think I need a housekeeper, but my husband disagrees. He thinks that a stay-at-home mom shouldn't have a housekeeper!! What's up with that?? Also, I've been asking my friend to help me with redecorating. I know, some of you will be shocked, (Heather) but we've been painting my walls. No, not white! So far we've done the living room and hallway. It's gray, but it looks blue. Next will be the family room (office) and then we'll have to see. We have to do something with Troy & Eric's room for sure. I get chest pains even walking by the door! I'll tackle the kitchen and dining room, too, but that'll take a lot more time.

I hope you're not all bored to death. I'm sure nobody cares about any of this, but there ya go.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow! (Not here though)

Joy sent me these pictures of her & Max sometime last month. I love the way their hair looks against the snowy background. I think it is funny how nice & round Max's snowball is compared to Joy's - that is such a Prescott thing... his has to be better than hers. Ha ha, just kidding! Looks like they are having some fun, which is nice after spending so much time serving the Lord & being spiritual they still have a good sense of humor! :o) We miss you guys & are so thankful for your example.

Not again!

Well, it happened again Monday night as we were getting ready to go to bed... Zak came in my bedroom to tell me he had some back pain. But this time it was on the other side & it wasn't as bad as last week. Within 15 minutes the pain was just as bad. Poor guy... Pain will make you say funny things. He told me he was okay to die because we all loved each other & he has had a good life so far. This of course made me laugh - I'm sure he never would have said such a thing if he wasn't in so much pain.
He went to the doctors yesterday & they aren't sure if it is kidney stones or not. So he will be getting a CT scan very soon. I will keep you posted when we figure out what is going on in his body!!