Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wow it's already Fall!

I've realized lately that I haven't really had time to post... plus I didn't have any new pictures so I didn't think there was anything to say. (I mean what's a blog without pictures!?)
Then I realized that September was just about over & Fall, cooler weather & the holidays were just around the corner! I know I say this all the time, but man where did the time go? Wasn't it just New Years? I can't believe this year is almost over. It sure has been a productive, good but busy year. I hope before the holidays it slows down a bit, but I sort of doubt it.

My boys are growing up so fast I can hardly stand it. It really is a very bitter-sweet feeling. Noah just got back from 6 grade camp yesterday. I had a lump in my throat picking him up because I realized then that he was my last to go to 6th grade camp. Seems like yesterday I was picking up Zak from his adventure of 6th grade camp. Now he is preparing for a mission... when did I get so old? I'm glad age is only a state of mind because I refuse to get OLD!

Anyway, as sad as I am to see summer end - I am always happy to see a new season start. I'm not as ready this year for Halloween but I'm sure that will change as October is in full swing. My kids have grown out of the "kiddie costumes" you know the ones where they want to be something like: Spiderman, Peter Pan, or a Power Ranger... Now they are into haunted houses & scaring other kids. Either way it sure is fun to relive those days with my kids!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Whoops - Tagged?

Sorry I can't count! I forgot that I had to have 6 (& it took me so long to think of 5!!)

6) Sorry to copy you Dee Dee but I don't like finances either (and I work in the accounting dept at work!!). Actually I don't mind finances if they aren't mine... I don't like getting bills in the mail or mailing the payments back. I think I just like to see my money sitting in my account not going anywhere. I mean I work hard for the money, I don't want to waste it on bills! Ha. Just kidding... I too like to spend it but by shopping or doing something fun. I appointed Jamey to the bill paying job long ago - that way if he forgets to pay one, it's not my fault anymore!!

Okay my job here is done. I now tag Angie to write 6 quirks about herself on her blog. :o)


Quirks? Not sure if you would call them quirks, but okay here goes:

1) I am not a very patient person - I know you are surprised... I hide it well. Luckily I am married to a very patient person who spent lots of time with my boys when they were little so I didn't have to. (I know it sounds terrible, huh?).

2) I hate the fact that in the summer time I have to dress like it is winter because no one knows how to adjust our air conditioner at work. I wear sweaters & bring a blanket to work everyday so that I don't freeze to death.

3) I too get frustrated that I have to ask my kids over & over to do something (like throw their trash in the garbage!)... I mean come on they are too old to not know where it goes, right? (This goes along with number 1) Ugh!

4) I had to learn how to be around teenage girls... funny because I used to be one! I feel like I really understand the teenage boy (mainly because I have so many of them in my house these days) - but I was really scared when I first got called into Young Women's - those girls scared me. I love them now - although they scare me for different reasons now (my sons!).

5) I can not program a remote control to save my life! Why do they have to make technology so complicated (I hear your pain Dee Dee). Our new TV has 2 channel 6's - how is that possible? I don't understand it. Or when my computer goes on the brink - couldn't it just have a pop-up that says what is wrong? Like: "Virus" or "Overload". Is that too much to ask? Thankfully I do have people in my family smart enough & patient enough to deal with these things... but I still think they should make it more user friendly for people like us who don't have a clue!!!

I've been tagged

Rachelle tagged me. I'm supposed to name 6 quirks about myself. Only 6? There are so many....
1. To put it nicely, I hate that my scale only goes up. We watched the devil/angel video last night that Jamey & Andrea made about 19 years ago. I was so skinny! I didn't appreciate that body, but I'd give anything to get it back now! What happened????
2. I get annoyed when I have to tell my kids the same things over and over. I know, that's part of being a mom. But HOW MANY TIMES do I have to go in and say, "wake up", "it's time to get up". Or "make your bed". ONE of their beds is never made... It's almost always the same bed :)
3. Technology frustrates me. Like - how can I get those cute wallpapers for the blog? You'd think reading the directions would be enough, but not for me. I'd need a little video example or something. Then there are the problems I've had for a month with my new printer. I just want stuff to work right without investing a lot of time. I'm SOOOOO over chatting with hp getting told the same stuff over and over and having no positive results.
4. I don't like finances. I can't stand getting bills, paying bills, dealing with money. I don't mind spending it, but all that other stuff should just go away.
5. Commercials! I could dvr everything and never watch another commercial again and that would please me to no end. Those shows on funniest commercials are okay, but even those just bug.
6. Dr appointments. If we never had to go to another doctor appointment again, life would be blissful. Our pediatrician is wonderful and our dentist is a member and great with the kids. Yes, I work for a doctor. He's pretty awesome, too. But waiting and waiting for someone to spend a couple minutes with you (the GI at Children's is the WORST for waiting) is just ridiculous. Yep, I've been on the other end with people in the waiting room complaining - but I was getting paid to be there!!

To even this out I will list 6 things I love. (I don't want to only be negative!!)
1. Mexican food (See #1 above)
2. My husband. Okay, he should've gone first. He's amazing. He does everything for everybody else, but never gets to do anything just for him. Someday I hope we can do things just for him with nobody else in mind. That time will probably happen after all the kids are gone - like retirement!!
3. I love my job. My boss is great, and I'll always be grateful that he let me work at home for so many years so that I could raise my children.
4. My kids. Yeah, it's a love-hate relationship sometimes, but they're pretty awesome. I especially watch them during sacrament and see who they can really be. I hope they make the right choices to become those awesome men.
5. Friends. I have a few really good friends that I have had for many years. And I have many more newer friends who I just need to get to know better.
6. Blogging. It helps me to get to know people better that we only get to exchange a few words here and there. I get to know them on a deeper basis and see who they really are. And the friends who I've known a long time that I can keep up with their kids and families when I may not have done before so much.

I guess I'm supposed to tag someone else. Andrea, there ya go. (You don't need to be working, anyway) Anyone else that wants to do it, I'd love to read it on your blogs, too.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Cycling Merit Badge will have to wait

Eric had his follow up appointment today for his elbow. The doctor said that there is a cracked bone, and that he'll have to be in a cast for 2 weeks. That's way better than 6 weeks, but he'll have to miss the next 25 mile bike ride on Saturday and the big 50 mile bike ride to sign off his merit badge. He's being a good sport and he was pretty tough. He's been without his hard splint since he went swimming Saturday :). He has been able to move the arm, but just can't touch the elbow at all. It is a pretty bright orange - looks like it could glow in the dark!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Broken bones

Eric went on the scout bike ride on Tuesday night. The chain slipped and he landed on his elbow. He's got a pretty good road rash, and a possible broken arm. We went to the ER late Tuesday night and they put a hard splint on it. They can't tell if it's broken, because it's right by the growth plate. We were supposed to be able to get into Children's ortho clinic on Friday or Monday, but they can't get him in until next Thursday.
Thursday we went to his pediatrician because he has a staph infection on his other arm. While we were there, his doctor had him go get more x-rays. They still don't know if it's broken - probably not - but have to wait until next Thursday until the specialist can see him. Poor kid. It's so hot outside, too. I know he wants to be in the pool. We can remove the cast, though, so maybe.....
Thursday night Jason had a water polo scrimmage. He got clocked in the nose by his opponent trying to smack the ball away from him. The bridge of his nose is really swollen and he is pretty sore. He's going to end up like his dad with a huge, crooked nose from lots of breaks. (Troy reminded me he broke Jason's nose once before when they were playing racquetball)

All I can say is-thank goodness for health insurance!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We had a great weekend. David worked on the fence on the side of the house most of Saturday, even though it sprinkled on him & it was really humid out. It'll be nice when there's a gate up there to cover all the pool pumps.

Monday we had a bbq & pool party. I'm so glad it didn't rain! We had several friends & family over. It was nice to get together and enjoy the last holiday weekend of summer. I thought it would be nice to have carne asada for a change, instead of the same ol' hot dogs and hamburgers. Not such a great idea. David spent two hours over the grill in the heat, and Marsha spent most of that time cutting the meat. We didn't really get to visit much with everybody, but I think a lot of the people had a good time. Eric got stung by a bee. I think it freaked him out a little at first because he didn't know what happened, but he survived it.

David had been promising the boys he'd take them to the beach, so they headed out with Nate, Simon, Mark & their friend from school, Barber. They had a really good time. 6 foot faces at Scripps and lots of good crash stories.

We ended up eating dinner about 7:30 at Lido's. Just what you need at the end of a three day weekend. Greasy pizza. But it is soooooo good! It was nice & relaxing and we sat there laughing and enjoying each other's company. And did I take a single picture of the day? Nope. Not one. So much for being a great blogger!!