Sunday, August 30, 2009

Youth Conference!

This was a huge game of "Twister" with about 60 kids playing in the beginning - until they quickly got out of the game (here is Simon getting out).
This was the water game that our stake was in charge of. I think the kids spent more time trying to figure out how to cheat than they did trying to actually do it. It was hard!!

Here Nate has Fielding on his shoulders & they were planning on getting Mark on Fielding's shoulders (while he was on Nate's shoulders). It's a good thing I was standing near & stopped them before someone killed themselves!
Change of plans... now they decided to have Mark get on top of MY car & try to get the water through the pipe that way.... still didn't work! (The PVC pipe is filled with little holes which they were supposed to work as a team to get the water from one end to the bucket on the other end & see who was able to get the most water in their bucket).
Some of the Motley Crew (some actually related to me) who were at Youth Conference. (At one point I thought they broke my camera phone while trying to take this picture!!)
The sunset picture below was the sky on our way back for the dinner & dance portion of youth conference - it's it beautiful? Hard to tell that at 7PM at night it was still like 100 degrees! Too hot for Southern Cali that's for sure!!

This weekend was a multi-stake conference with youth from 14-18. I happen to believe it was successful but I guess we will find out later today after church. Of course I forgot to take pictures from the beginning, but by the end I remembered (thankfully). So here are a few I got (of my kids of course) - there were 5 different activities but I only got pictures of a few....

Monday, August 24, 2009

Varsity Wakeboarding

The Varsity Scouts went wakeboarding early Saturday morning. They had a great time. Troy's not in the picture because he was up the street emptying out the truck. The guys worked pretty well cleaning up. It was NEVER like that when we had a boat, but our kids were much younger then.

Jason didn't have such the best time. His foot didn't come out of the bindings when he fell, and he rolled his ankle-or something like that.The first picture is from Saturday right after they got home.
This picture is from yesterday. He had been wearing an elastic ankle brace and it swelled so much it cut into his foot. He's super purple now. Needless to say, we're going to the doctor today.

David, Don, Ryan and Bishop all love boating, boarding, skiing, and tubing. Ryan has the boat, and they have been having a blast. The week before the men had to go "try out" the boat to make sure it was all good for taking the varsity scouts. Two of the men even went out and bought wakeboards. (David & Don) They call them their girlfriends. They are planning another guy session this weekend. It's like they're little boys when they get to talking about it. So funny!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Is Summer Really Over?

Today Eric started 8th grade. He's growing up! I can't believe summer is really over - for him, anyway. Troy & Jason still have three more weeks. UGH!
We went to breakfast at Carl's Jr and visited. We talked about school and that he's a big 8th grader now. Our conversation turned into how it's hard to have to pass gas in class when there's a hot chick next to you, and how to keep it quiet. Classy. Boys crack me up. The boys hate that I make them take their picture the morning of their first day. He was a good sport, though.
Eric is really a thoughtful boy. I know this year will be a big turning point in his life as he matures. I will really miss him being around all day. He was the only one I could ever convince to do anything with me. As long as I promised him food, he'd go shopping or anywhere I wanted.
My favorite day of the whole summer was spending the day at the beach with him. It was just the two of us. I was shocked that he would even be seen with me. We spent 2 hours in the water boogie boarding and body surfing. I packed a lunch and we sat on the blanket to eat. I told him to go rinse off because he was all sandy. I was watching him rinse off in the water as in front of my eyes there was a seagull carrying a baggy with a sandwich in it. I looked next to me and Eric's sandwich was gone. I started chasing the seagull and then I realized I had a bag of grapes on the blanket. I ran back to put the grapes in the cooler, and then back to find the seagull thief. He was gone. It really was hysterical seeing that seagull with the baggie. Everyone on the beach was cracking up. We ate our grapes and I drove him through Arby's on the way home. He was very happy then.
Thanks for being such a good kid, Eric. I will truly miss you every day.

Prescott Family Fun

It has been two years since ALL of the Prescott family has been together. Saturday we were able to spend a few hours swimming, eating, and playing. It was such a fun day! Unfortunately, I don't remember to get my camera out very often. Jody and Katherine are the great photographers in the family, but mine will have to do. Such a fun time!! SimonAll of the Prescott GrandchildrenNo Prescott pool party would be complete without dive contests...
or volleyball games. (Sorry the picture is so small. I tried to steal it from Kathryn's snapfish.)

Kathryn and Grace

Noodle fights. Thanks, Kevin:)

The Prescott granddaughters. Way outnumbered, but so cute.
It was great to all get together. Pretty soon Zak will be going on his mission, followed by all the other boys. After that, when we all get together there will probably be another generation. WOW!! Great memories.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Flashback Friday!!

I love looking at old pictures of my kids. It seems like in a blink of an eye they have grown into young men. Where did the time go? I tried to find some of everyone in the extended Prescott family, but my ability to download digital pictures on my computer only goes back a couple of year.... and since I don't have a scanner, this is what you get. Sorry! Dee Dee if you have any others to add, feel free!! Enjoy....

Only some of the ragga-muffin Prescott boys....
Baby Wyatt - oh so cute!
Nate, is that you?
Simon when he was little!
Zak... so cute!

Noah being a goof-ball... okay some things just don't change with time!

Not so old pic of Ashley & Zak

Monday, August 3, 2009

RC Cars

Eric has been wanting to get the RC Cars running again, so he asked David to help him yesterday. Today Mark, Jason & Eric got a couple more working and we went to Mt. Miguel to run them in the dirt. They had tons of fun. They have been working on the other cars to get them all running now. I am glad they are finding fun things to do to keep busy during the summer!! Troy & Jason still have over a month before school starts. It's been a long summer!! When they get bored with this, maybe model rockets can be another activity.
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