Friday, June 25, 2010

Nate's graduation!!

What an exciting day!! See Dee Dee's post about Troy's graduation for details!!
Congrats Nate & Troy, we are so proud of you!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Troy's High School Graduation

Troy did it! He graduated from High School. It was good there was a blonde girl by him. He was easy to spot in his class with over 400 graduating seniors.
My sister drove all the way from Sacramento to be here for his big day. That was so nice of her! She's always had the kids call her "My Favorite Aunt Charlene" (she says that she's their only Aunt Charlene)

Nate & Troy graduated at the same exact time, but at different schools. We had a party at our house afterwards where so many were able to come and celebrate their special day. It was so much fun getting together with family and friends. Teachers & deans from elementary and middle school even showed up. They all played such an important part in the boys' lives. So many funny Prescott stories and memories were shared. There have definitely been many wonderful influences in our children's lives and we will be forever grateful for the love that all of these people have had for our kids. It was a wonderful evening and we are thankful for all who shared in their big day.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Eric's 8th Grade Graduation

Friday Eric graduated from 8th grade. No more middle school for us!
As he was getting ready for his last day of middle school he asked, "When's the next dance?" He's just turned 14 and my baby is growing up. We did love LMMS. We got to know so many of the staff there and have developed lasting relationships and memories with many of them. Several of them have touched my children's lives and have made a huge difference in their education.He is officially a Freshman. 4 more years of waking up for seminary and I'm done!

After graduation we went to Denny's to celebrate. I really enjoy being around Eric and talking with him. He's a great young man and I sure love him!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jason & George

There was yet another birthday this week. It's the 4th family birthday in the last 17 days. Jason turned 17 years old!!
He has turned into such a nice young man. He is such a good helper and always does little projects for me. He changes my battery in my car, helps me in the yard, and whatever I need done in the house that can't wait (or I can't wait) for David to do.
Jason has been such a blessing to our family! Since it was a hot day, we had a little bit of swimming, food, and as usual, Prescott craziness. Lots of love in the family:)

He hasn't been feeling very well for awile. He went to the Baja 500 the first weekend in June. Need I say more? He ate all the same things as Mark, but it appears he has a new little friend living inside of him. I named him George. So the day after his birthday we went to the doctor and got these really nifty little tubes. The whole process was pretty hysterical. I have a pretty queasy stomach, and it was not so fun putting the "samples" in the tubes. Of course, Jason offered to do it, but that would make me feel like a lame mom. I can say from what I saw that there is definitely a problem! Hopefully the tests won't take very long and he can get treated soon.
Happy birthday, Jason! I love you!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Broom Hockey

Mom: "What's the single's ward activity for Wed night?"
Troy: "Broom Hockey"
Mom: "That sounds like fun! You should go!!"
Troy: "Are you kidding? I sweep for 3 hours a day. There's no way I'm going!"
Eric: "You should be really good at it then." (Brotherly Love)

Troy is a "porter" at a condo complex in Del Mar. He does a lot of sweeping and cleaning up. He does get a nice ocean breeze, though:)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Eric's 8th Grade Performance

Eric and his friend Micah have guitar class together. They're way ahead of the class, so the teacher just lets them go outside and work on songs together. The guitar teacher is also the choral teacher. He asked the boys to perform at last night's Spring Choral Concert. I borrowed my friend's camera and didn't remember how to push the record button for awhile, but at least I got the end of the song. They're playing Europa by Santana. Good job, boys!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Is There a Lifeguard in the House?

The answer would be...YES! Jason received all of his certifications today for lifeguarding/first aid, Title 22 for public safety personnel, cpr/aed for lifeguards, and administering emergency oxygen. He's worked hard going to school, doing swim, and his lifeguarding course at Grossmont College. He can officially say, "I'm medically trained and I can help". Hahaha
Now he just needs a job:) He has interviewed with Santee YMCA and hopefully he will be employed soon.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Universal Studios

Noah, Miles, Sponge Bob, Elam, & Simon
Jamey & Sponge Bob
Me & Jamey (ha ha just kidding, it's Marge!)

This last Friday we loaded up the car & headed to Universal Studios. This time was much better, Jamey was able to come along (as well as Laura & her family) & no one came down with the stomach flu! Yea! It made for a much nicer day & believe it or not it wasn't even crowded! It was the start of a great weekend!!