Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Does anyone know of a good mortgage person? We are trying to buy a house & I feel like we are getting the run-around. I'm looking for a honest, straight forward person to help us get a house!!! If you know of anyone can you post a comment or email me the info??

Any information is VERY much appreciated!!


Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, David

Andrea already posted the November birthdays. So kind of her to put up pictures of us all :) I just wanted to make a special post for my best friend. I'm a few days late, but I'm sure he'll understand.

We started off his birthday weekend Friday night going to Phil's BBQ. If you've never been there, I highly recommend it! It's DELICIOUS! I cannot go there without thinking of our friends, the Bickmores. "We've been kicked out of better places that this!"

Our kids all had plans with friends and we ended up having the evening alone together. By the time I got home from dropping Eric off at Noah's (at 8:30), David was asleep. ROMANTIC! That's what happens when you get old. I had to book an appointment online at midnight, so I stayed up and watched tv. Fun stuff!

We woke up Saturday and went to see Planet 51. It was so fun. We ended up eating popcorn and nachos for breakfast. That was fun for the first little while. We didn't feel so good afterwards. It was cute hearing the little kids' comments throughout the movie, though. Brought back memories of long, long ago.
Saturday evening our friends came over to give us our birthday gifts. We got 4 movie tickets and a gift card to Red Lobster. Needless to say, we ditched the kids and went to dinner. It was nice to have a quiet dinner out. We finished our evening by going out in the jacuzzi. It was such a nice day hanging out with each other....until 1 am when David woke up with the flu. At least his birthday was over and he got to enjoy a nice day. I personally think he wanted to stay in bed and ditch church. Hmmmmmm. Happy birthday, babe. I am glad we got to hang out so much this past week.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

November Birthdays!

This month is full of family birthdays! Each just a week apart too! First was Dee Dee's birthday....
Then (today) is David's birthday! Happy Birthday big guy.....
Last, but definitely NOT least is Jamey's birthday (a week from today). Here is a picture of Jamey with Bam Margera - hanging out at his house this last week. Hope that all three of you have or had a WONDERFUL birthday this year!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Little Overnight Guest

Saturday night we had Wyatt spend the night - it was his first overnighter anywhere but his grandma Julie's house. He did great & we had a good time with him. His parents did alright without him too! This is where he slept for the night.

This picture is of Wyatt watching a movie while laying in bed.
In the morning Wyatt came & hung out with me in my bed. We watched cartoons & he ate 3 bowls of dry Trix (which he called Skittles). He loved them!
After eating cereal he was still hungry - can you blame him? So he decided he wanted toast. This was his second piece.
He is such a good boy! We are so happy that Kevin & Kathryn let us take him for the night. We look forward to more times with him. Hopefully next time all the boys will be home to enjoy his company.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October in Review

I can't believe that it is already November! October really went by so fast.... life is moving in fast forward in our home! October was an exciting & memorable month for us. In the beginning of the month our oldest son Zak got his mission call to Detroit Michigan. He'll be leaving for the MTC in December & we have SO much to do before then. We are so proud of Zak!!

Of course before Zak leaves for his mission the Jakked Rabbits are squeezing in as many "shows" as possible. Below are a few pictures from when they played at the Rumble in Ramona.
Jamey & I also celebrated our 22 year wedding anniversary in October. Below are some pictures from our hotel room in Laguna Beach. We had a romantic get-away to celebrate. I am a lucky women to have snatched a man like Jamey. He is a fantastic father & a wonderful husband! Watch the sun set on the water....

Another show of the Jakked Rabbits this one was in our hometown. It's always more fun when your local friends come to watch!

Of course you can't forget Halloween. This was the first year that I didn't have to take any of the boys out - they went out together & with friends. Below is their buddy Bryce - he dressed as the "Hunch Back of Notre Dame". I think Bryce was exhausted by the end of the night, but he was a good sport & never even complained!!
Nate was an Asian man with a long braid. Not a very good picture but he was pretty funny!! (Thanks Uncle Kevin for the costume!)
The scariest costume was Noah who dressed like a girl. Not a good look, if any of my daughters would have looked like him - I must say I am glad I didn't have any!! Ha ha haZak & Merissa were cute. Zak dressed as Peter Pan (one of his all time favorite characters) and Merissa went as a pirate. They were so cute together. I wonder what November will have in store for our family!? I hope everyone else had a great October.... now on to the Holidays (I can't believe it is almost CHRISTMAS!!!). Yikes.