Thursday, May 31, 2012

So behind....

And by behind, I don't mean butt, booty, or any form of that word. Ha ha - I don't seem to ever have any extra time anymore, but hopefully after next week I will again. (Keep your fingers crossed!). At least I should have a little more time during the summer... during that time I hope to blog a little more & sleep a lot! Hopefully by the time school (& seminary) starts again I will be well rested!

So this post is a catch up post for me. I have been meaning to post about family birthdays since January, but as you can see I haven't done a very good job. So here you go:

Troy's birthday starts off the year in January. Hopefully he had a good one in Tonga this year.
Troy turned 20.

 Nate's birthday is in February. He looks like he is having a good time!
Nate turned 20 as well.

April is a busy month for Prescott birthdays....
Zak was home this year to celebrate his 22nd birthday.

 Kathryn had her 21st birthday (again). Doesn't she look great?
 Brien doesn't look a day over 30 (which he couldn't because he's barely older than me!)
 Andrea celebrated her 30th (again). Ha ha
 May's birthday's are pretty busy as well.. Gracie turned 3.
 Max celebrated his birthday today (5/31) - Happy Birthday GRANDPA! We love you.
 Eric celebrated his 16th birthday in May. Sweet 16 & never been kissed?? He's the cute one with the hot pink towel.

I think (hope) these are all the Prescott birthdays through May - I didn't forget anyone did I?  Hopefully it won't take me another 5 months to post the rest of the years birthdays.
Happy birthday to everyone who have celebrated birthdays so far this year!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Baby is 16!!

It is so hard to believe, but my kids are getting old.  It's not making me feel any better about MY age!  After our Memorial Day pool party, we had family over to celebrate Eric's 16th birthday. Where has the time gone?  Eric is really enjoyable to be around, and the only one of my kids that I can trick into going shopping with me.  He loves to be the center of attention, and that was obvious by his great talk he gave on Sunday at church.  He loved having a captive audience!  Eric has also been informing me that he can date now (oh yay), and he has his driver's permit.  

Eric had a great day on his actual birthday, Tuesday.  He was going with friends out to pizza after school, but called me and said he had too much stuff that he got from his friends and I needed to come pick it all up.  After hanging out with his friends for a few hours, he was given his very own steak dinner by our good friend, Lester.  That's probably our kids' favorite birthday tradition.  It makes them feel so special that he would spend the time to do something so nice for them.  Plus they're not used to great food, so that's a bonus!

Happy Birthday, my Little Bubby.  You're an awesome kid young man.

Memorial Day Pool Party

Over Memorial Day weekend we usually have a pool party to kick off summer.  Since Saturday was our big temple day, we had it on Monday.  It worked out perfectly, because Saturday it started off raining.  I was pretty concerned that the weather wouldn't clear by Monday, but it was perfect weather!  We had a great turnout, too.  At one point I counted 74 people, but some had left already and some arrived later, so I figure we had about 80 people overall.  It seems that everyone had a great time.  Lots of people enjoying the pool and the yummy food.  I heard several people say that they had fun and even after 4 hours some of those little water bugs didn't want to go home. 

It is always nice to be with good friends and get to know others better.  And I'm super glad we have friends who love to take pictures or I wouldn't even have this one:)  Yay for another successful get together, and thanks to everyone who helped!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New York City

A couple weeks ago David took a spur-of-the-moment trip to New York City to see his parents.  While there they did a lot of sight seeing.  Eric and I were super jealous that he went, because we've always wanted to go there.  I told him while there he needed to eat New York Pizza, eat at a deli (can you see where my mind goes first???) and to jog at central park - of course to get rid of all the calories from their famous foods.  He didn't do ANY of those things!  Eric and I certainly would have done them and much much more.  FYI-Max and Joy's apartment is only a couple of blocks from Central Park. Their apartment is located in the same building as the temple-which is pictured below.
Since the trip was so out of the blue, he didn't have a fully charged camera battery.  I don't know why I didn't give him the charger to take!  I guess it's because the only trips he ever takes requires a tent and sleeping bag, so having electricity is a whole new deal for my brain to handle:) 

He's such a rebel... had to take a picture under a sign that says "No Standing Anytime".  I love how the arrow points straight to Joy standing there, too. 

It was pretty funny looking at the pictures that he took and what interests him.  There were TONS of pictures of bridges.  He was explaining to Eric and I about the huge cables and how big this bridge actually is - that a full size stand up train runs under where the cars go.  He will always be a bridge guy at heart, even though he doesn't build them anymore. 

He spent 3 whirlwind days in NYC.  I hope the travel bug got to him at least a little bit.  I have a feeling we'll need lots of vacation time over the next several years.