Thursday, August 21, 2008

School's Back In Session - Yay!

Summer is my favorite season, but I have to say, the first week or two of school can't be beat! I feel like I have my life back. They days are filled with things I want to do, not what everybody else wants - even if it's cleaning the house. (Selfish? Oh yeah!) And now that my boys are getting older, they don't want to do anything fun with me. It's not cool hanging out with your mom, unless she can drive you and all your friends to the beach & to eat, of course!

Eric on his first day as a big 7th grader. He seems to be having fun so far. Troy & Jason didn't get their picture taken yet. Nobody is awake enough at 5:50am before seminary to remember such things. By the time they get home, it's 5pm or later because they have water polo practice. Things are hectic again, but dang, those few hours in between are sure wonderful! Yay for school!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beach Camping

Last week we went camping at So Carlsbad State Beach. We try to go every other year or so. It was a lot of fun. The weather was pretty good (a little too cloudy, but better than being too hot), and the water was really warm most of the time.

We rented a motorhome. It was waaaaay better than tent camping, for sure!!

The view from the rear motorhome window. Not too bad waking up to this!

Troy Carr loaned the boys his surfboard. They all had a great time surfing, boogie boarding and body surfing.

It's funny that boys always want to chop the firewood. Eric is even really good at it.
Troy & Jason enjoying the fire.
Would it be a normal day without Troy bleeding? Let's just say his bike needed a little tweeking after this episode.

The best day there was Wednesday. Troy, Jason & Eric went to bodysurf. David and I watched from the campsite. We saw that there were dolphins playing in the waves, so we showed them. They swam out as fast as they could. Troy & Jason got out where the dolphins were and were swimming with them. They couldn't get any closer than about 10 feet, but they had a lot of fun. We could see in the swells Troy and a dolphin right next to each other. The dolphin surfed the wave, they jumped back over after it was breaking. The dolphins got a little nervous about the boys trying to get closer, so they swam quite a ways north. The boys followed and swam with them some more. They were exhausted when they got out. Eric couldn't keep up with any of them, so he just bodysurfed and enjoyed his time. It was really awesome to watch.

Monday, August 4, 2008

High Adventure Camp

Troy & Jason went to Havasupai by the Grand Canyon for their High Adventure Camp this year. They had a blast. It was an 11 mile hike in (and out!) While they were there they saw some beautiful waterfalls, and even jumped off of them as high as 50 feet.
Here's Jason swinging from the tree into the water.

They did an awesome job taking pictures!

They went with the Spring Valley Ward. They go to seminary with them, and several of them they grew up with. They're a nice group of kids.

Prescotts at the Pool

Kevin & Kathryn arranged for everyone to come over and swim on Saturday. We've all been so busy this summer we haven't really had time to hang out. It was a lot of fun.
Playing catch with the football off of the diving board.

Jason's turn to catch the ball. It looks like he's going to land on Simon, but everyone ended up okay today.

All of the big cousins are amazed by their littlest cousin. He was overwhelmed by them at first, but he was eating up all the attention by the end of the day. I'm so glad Kathryn brings her camera. Otherwise we'd never have any pictures of all the kids together!!

Prescott Grandkids

Andrea got me thinking with her last post about the stages that the kids have gone through. I was looking for
another picture that we had taken of all of the kids (besides Wyatt) that was more recent than this one, but I can only find the sitting of my three boys - missing Ashley and Andrea's boys. Trying to get all of the kids sitting down for the pictures brings back some haunting memories. Image 8 Prescott kids running through the malls eating all the Christmas samples, thinking that the people working them won't recognze them on their 5th visit!! Troy, Zak, Nate, Jason, Ashley & Simon - a long, long time ago.
Here they are now all looking at Wyatt (plus Marcus, the "stepson")