Friday, January 22, 2010

Catching Up....

It's been some time since I've had time to blog... so since I have so many things to be thankful for I figured I needed to find time to post a few things that have been happening in our lives!
Last weekend all of my brothers & sisters got together (oh yea, minus Eric but only because he was sick) at my parents house to visit. My mom went in on Tuesday for open heart surgery & we all wanted to get together to wish her luck. I think this is the only picture I have of my mom & just us girls. I love it!! I think times like this you really realize how special your family is. It was great seeing my brother Todd & two of his daughters - he lives in Utah & we don't get together often enough!!
While we were all visiting with family, Zak was meeting his new temporary family (His Mission President & his wife) in Detroit. Zak is loving being a missionary! Even though we miss him terribly, we are so incredibly proud of him too!! It is so great to hear of his experiences & to know that the Lord is watching over him.
This is a picture of the family minus Zak. It just isn't the same without him!!! But we wouldn't want him anywhere else at the moment!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

18 Years of Troy

Troy is 18 years old today. I just can't believe it. Troy can make me crazy like no other person can, but I sure love him. He is so full of charm, I can't help myself!

Troy is the most energetic person I know. He's always grabbed life and took it head on. He had several serious injuries, and I just KNEW that he would never even see his 12th birthday. I'm so glad he's survived them all, and he's got GREAT stories to share with his kids.

As I have gone through the pictures of his life, I am so full of happy memories. I love his smile. It was so hard choosing just a few to share, so please pardon a proud mom on this special day!

Happy Birthday, Troy. I truly love you.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

San Diego in January

Friday after work, David and I went to Cowles Mountain and walked. We only made it half way up before the sun set. We walked the rest of the way up and back down in the dark. It's a beautiful view from there. Saturday, we went to Ocean Beach and hiked from the pier down the tidepools as far as you can go safely. Then we walked up to the street and back down the pier. The weather was perfect. It's hard to believe it's January and so much of the country is getting pounded with storms. I LOVE SAN DIEGO!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day at the desert

Jason has been spending the last few days in the desert with Mark. We went to Gordon's Wells to pick him up, and then out to Superstition for the day. Note to self: 50 miles each way difference makes for a really long drive and a late start to the day. But we're glad to have Jason back with us. Wouldn't ya know, we didn't get any pictures of him, either. Troy loves to jump his dirt bike. He did a great job.
We used his cell phone and did the 9 shot setting. It turned out really well.
That's kinda high, son!
Eric got new riding gear for Christmas. He had to pose for me so I could take his picture.
He looked really cute.

We had a fun day. The weather was perfect out there and it's so peaceful. It's sad that our vacation is over, but we will have some fun memories.