Sunday, July 27, 2008

Random Pictures

I was going through my pictures & saw some that I wanted to post - they are in no particular order, just enjoy!

Here is one of Simon, Noah & Wyatt when Simon & Noah stayed with Kevin & Kathryn while Jamey & I were in San Francisco late last year. Thanks guys! The boys had a blast.

I went to the temple in June & took this picture, I must say it's pretty good. (I don't normally take good pictures so I was surprised!!).

This was earlier this summer when Zak had a mohawk... I'm happy to say this is gone :o)

I was looking for some recent pictures of Troy, Jason and or Eric to add, but it doesn't look like I have taken any of them with my kids in a while. I will do that next time they are all together so that the pictures can be posted!

Hopefully Joy & Max will post some more pictures of their mission soon too!!!

Busy Summer...

Sorry it has been so long since I have blogged... I still can't believe that summer is more than half over (at least as far as the school year goes). Really, does time just keep getting faster as we grow older?

I, like Dee Dee had the pleasure of attending girls camp - fortunately for me I left the night before the big "make-overs" on the leaders. I must say from the picture that Dee Dee posted that it wasn't nearly as bad as I had envisioned!

I got home from camp late Thursday night & ready for my comfy bed - my family were all gone (working for Jamey at the Orange County Fair for a big skateboard contest called the "Maloof Money Cup"). After organizing my things for the next day I went to bed - I was leaving early in the morning with my girlfriends to meet up with my family for the weekend event at the OC Fair. In the middle of the night (3:30AM) Lady (our dog) started barking & ran to the front door... I was pretty scared because she normally only barks at PEOPLE. I went to the front of the house & looked out the window to find my house covered in TOILET PAPER. Normally I would be amused, but I must say with no one home & lots to do I wasn't very happy... I sat & watched as a hooded teenager ran to my front door & proceeded to bang on our screen door... Little did he know I was watching him! He sat behind our car waiting for a response - but I didn't give it to him, I sat quietly watching the whole time. When I finally saw him (them) leave I returned to my bed & barely fell asleep in time to wake up to clean up the mess & get on the road to Orange County.

We had a great time, but it was exhausting. Jamey ran the VIP Lounge for the very important people :o) within the contest. The Maloof brothers (who own the Palms Hotel & the Sacramento Kings basketball team) put together the biggest prize purse in skateboarding history - a total of $500,000. They put together a street course that was better than most skate parks (and it was only temporary). They spared no expense. They also had a huge vert ramp for another contest. Jamey did a great job organizing the VIP Lounge - it looked great with palm trees & cement tables & benches... my girlfriends (Laura, Angie & Toraye) and I were the "hostesses" of the VIP lounge. Our jobs were to make sure that there was plenty of food & stocked the earphones - the VIP lounge was sponsored by Skullcandy - which is a headphone company that Jamey works for. Here are some pictures of Simon & Noah on the vert ramp....

Here is Noah getting ready to drop into the 13 foot vert ramp (yikes!!)

Friday, July 25, 2008

Beware on the Road!

Well, he did it! Troy passed his permit test. He starts driving on Monday, so be careful when you're on the road! I can't believe how expensive car insurance is. I'm so glad he gets good grades, so we'll get a
"good student discount". He'd better keep those grades up next year, for sure!
Also, Troy's Eagle paperwork is all turned in (correctly) now, so that'll be nice to have that out of the way. Now we just need to work on Jason, but after Troy's Eagle Project, I think Jason has no desire to become Eagle Scout. It was crazy! Hopefully, Eric will have only good memories of it and will be more willing to finish his ranks all the way through. He's off to a good start, and he has great scout leaders which will help!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Girls' Camp

I went to girls' camp last week with 3 of our young women, Alma, and Brother Sherrod. We had a nice time. This picture is from Friday - leader makeover day. It's not how I expected to end up looking. But I could have been a fish, a raccoon, or a lion. Poor Brother Sherrod was Kung Fu Panda. The girls that were running around doing this were having a great time. What imaginations!! It's good to be home.

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July weekend

Thursday started off with Eric at Children's Hospital. He had to go for a procedure. Everything turned out okay, but it was kind of scarey watching him shake off the anesthesia. Troy & Jason had just gotten home from their last day of summer school. They were all beat!

It's hard to believe, but we have been married for 20 years now!! David surprised me by taking me to the Hilton at Mission Bay on Thursday. This is the view from our room. We walked around the bay, played ping pong, ate dinner at the hotel restaurant, and finished it off by watching an excellent fireworks show from Paradise Point.

Friday afternoon Jamey, Andrea and the boys came over for awhile. Later on Troy, Aileen and their kids came over. We bbq'd and had a nice time. The Carrs gave us this beautiful anniversary clock, and our kids gave us a $50 gift card to Red Lobster. They used their own money - and even walked down to Vons one day to get it. I can't believe nobody had to give them the idea!! I am so proud of them for being so unselfish with the little bit of money that they have!!

Saturday we rented a boat and went wakeboarding. This is Jason. He never had a chance to get real good when we had our boat, but he did amazing!

Here is Troy. He remembered really well and it didn't seem like it had been 4 years since he had been riding.

Eric was too little when we had our boat to wakeboard. He was happy to get up and get a couple turns.

Even though it's blurry, here's the Big Kahuna. You can see he can still get some air. We were all surprised he was as good as he was. Apparently, age hasn't gotten to the old man!! All of the pictures of me were video, and it's really boring. But I surprised the kids. I even got a couple inches of air!! Okay, so no big deal, but at least I got up!! It was a great long weekend, and we will remember this time we had forever.

This is the last boat we had. It was a 23' Yamaha Jet Boat. It was really nice. Those were some fun days.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Del Mar Fair 2008

We went to the fair yesterday. It was such a fun time. We went on tons of rides, watched our friends race trucks, saw other friends there, ate junk food, and saw Weird Al in concert. What a fun day!This is the first ride the kids went on. How scarey!

Perry racing his truck. It's for sale. Troy REALLY wants to buy it!

I have decided I need a new camera. This is as far as my camera would zoom in. The guy next to me zoomed in all the way to just Weird Al. This is a picture of him as Obi Wan, with storm troopers and Darth Vader.
(and a bald guy's head)
He was singing "The Saga Begins". He was SOOOO funny! He had video clips in between the songs and he would come out dressed differently depending on the song he was singing. At one point, he kept ripping off clothes during a song. He ended up with a Spongebob t-shirt and a pink tu-tu. It was hilarious. I really do think this was my favorite concert. It was Eric's first, and he loved it! Thanks so much, Bonnie, for the tickets.
We had a blast!!!!!!!