Friday, May 29, 2009

My Baby's 13!

I can't believe that my youngest son is now a teenager. I am NOT that old! Due to our hectic lifestyle and me going out of town and letting my husband plan things (just kidding, honey), we had a quick birthday party on Monday with family before our pool party. We rushed through it, but he didn't seem to be bothered by it. He kept telling himself the ward was coming to celebrate his birthday. Whatever keeps ya going...
All but 3 candles blew out before he got to the cake, but he was a good sport.

Since David planned a campout for his varsity scouts (Troy & Jason are part of that group) it will be just me and Eric hanging out tonight. The plans as of yet are to go to Game Stop to spend his birthday money and then out to dinner somewhere. He'll definitely be king for the day.
Thanks for being such an awesome kid, Eric.

Swim Banquet 2009

Last night was the boys' swim banquet. It was a lot of fun. It was a great season with so many boys accomplishing so much. It's so fun being part of the boys' lives. Many of the boys on the team feel like my own kids and I am so proud of how well they did this year. Troy didn't finish the season, but he did get an award that he was TOTALLY shocked about. The award reads: The San Diego Union-Tribune Achievement Certificate
Troy Prescott
is a member of the San Diego Union-Tribune's All-Academic Team
for achieving a 3.00 grade point average and participating in the sport of
Swimming at Monte Vista High School.
He's also going to be in the paper. If he did his homework, he'd go places!! The boy was certainly blown away!
Here's Coach giving him the award. Coach Ken is such an amazing guy. He really loves the boys.

Jason got the "Iron Man" award for being just an all around stud. (Okay, that's mom's interpretation) He can be put in any event and go hard. He also got a bar (that's what you get when you've already lettered in that sport) and a CIF patch.

Jason was also voted one of the captains for next year by his teammates. He was really surprised and humbled by it. I'm so proud of all of my boys. I'm looking forward to next year.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

She's Here!!!

Here are some extra pictures that were added after the original post... I couldn't arraign them the way I wanted but I still wanted to include them. Enjoy!

Not sure if this was before the birth or after but I thought it was a cute picture of both Kathryn & Kevin... if it is during the birth, you sure can tell the epidural is working!!

Noah holding his newest cousin!

Family welcoming baby Grace to the world!

Proud papa... Can you see she's already wrapped around his little finger? (Okay, Prescott's don't have little finger, but you know what I mean)....

She's here, Gracie has been born! Grace Kathryn Prescott was born at 1:04 pm on Sunday May 17th, 2009... She weighed in at 7 pounds 11 ounces & 19 3/4 inches long after only 8 hours of labor!... This afternoon Kathryn (Kevin's wife) gave birth to a baby girl! If you are familiar with the Prescott genes you will understand what an amazing miracle this is! She is the 10th grandchild to Joy & Max and just the 2nd girl out of the 10. We are so excited that she is finally here... She is the 2nd grandchild for the Daniel side of the family.
Here are some pictures from the exciting day! (forgive me, the ones below were taken with my camera phone). Enjoy!!Gracie was wide awake just after being born... her eyes were so curious - she was soaking up all the family there to welcome her.She looks cozy with Grandma Julie!

Proud Papa!!

Her feet were sticking out of her blankets & I couldn't resist... I had to take a picture - look how perfect it is!! So cute...

We got to watch Wyatt while Gracie was being born. We had so much fun with him! This kid is a riot. He sure is loved by all of his cousins!! (In this picture he was watching the boys play a video game on their laptop) - the extra kid in the picture is a family friend.
Last picture is one of Kathryn & Wyatt at the park last week. Look at that belly! She almost looks like she has a basketball under her shirt. No matter what Kathryn thought of herself pregnant, I think she was one of the cutest I have ever seen!
Good job Kathryn! You did it & it didn't take 18 hours this time!! Are you sure you don't want to have any more kids? (chuckle).
Congrats to you & Kevin! You sure have a beautiful little family!! We love you!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Swim Finals

This week has been busy with swim prelims and finals. Jason did really well this year. He has gotten much better since the season started. Last night was the Varsity League Finals at Valhalla. It was so exciting. They have the finalists line up behind their little mascot and are marched out to their blocks with music playing to get everyone charged up. Here's the Valhalla Mascot. As you can see, their colors are orange and blue.Here are the teams for one of the relays. Jason's got the yellow cap on in the front of his group (toward the back). During the last relay, which is the last race of the day, they played "We Will Rock You". I imagine it was really cool to walk before everyone with that playing, and getting all pumped up. It was exciting to watch it. Here are Jason's relay teams...

Jason's stats:
100 yard breast stroke - 1:10:23
200 Yard Medley Relay - 1:52:23 - 4th place
400 Yard Free Relay - 3:44:21 - 4th place
200 Yard Free Relay - 1:44:56 - 5th place
He had a personal best for all his races. He worked really hard to get here. Usually he doesn't wear a swim cap, but he did to shave off time. Here's another way he SHAVED off time...

He had a couple friends come over Thursday night to shave his legs for him. Oh, to be young again! It must have worked. Next week he goes to CIF Prelims. He probably won't make finals, so only one more meet!! Way to go, Jason!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day

My kids are not the kind who show a lot of love to their mom anymore. They're such tough teenagers now. I really miss those days when they would fight over who got to sat on my lap or who I would push on the swing. But for Mother's Day, they shocked me. Troy came up with the idea that he wanted to take me out to dinner. Jason wanted in on that. We picked Tuesday night this week, because that was the only day we didn't have something we had to do. They wanted to take me to Red Lobster, but I don't think they knew how much that would cost. David finally talked them into going to Olive Garden. Troy wasn't very pleased with the change, but he went along with it. We had such a nice time together, just the three of us. They were so nice and it will be something I remember for a long time.

Eric wrote me a poem at school. He finished it just before the bell rang and stuck it in his backpack. He forgot about it and it got stuck together when the glue dried. We were able to pry it open and this is what it says:

Dee Dee
Loving, caring, patient
Who wishes to have five minutes without us fighting
Who dreams of becoming rich
Who wants to have a normal family
Who wonders what would happen if she had daughters
Who fears spiders and stuff like that
Who is afraid of dying
Who likes eating chocolate
Who believes in me when nobody else does
Who loves her family no matter what
Who plans to get a better house
Happy Mother's Day
Love, your favorite son, Eric
Ha! That's so cute. It's funny what your kids think you're thinking. I guess dragging him to model homes kinda gave him the idea I'd like a better house. At least he knows I love him, even though he thinks I want girls. Sometimes my kids are pretty awesome.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hey, Skateboarder!

First of all, I should start this out by saying that this is Dee Dee writing. I'm sure it gets confusing who writes until you read details and then it's easier to figure out. I have to say I'm a pretty proud Aunt. I am so excited for Zak for all his hard work, and making a whole page in Skateboarder Magazine, and for Jamey for writing the article. The first two pictures are the first two-pages of the article. Jamey and Zak are on the second picture at the left. Zak's page is after a few other skaters and comments on their trip.

People have already recognized him and asked for his autograph. Pretty cool, Zak! Keep up the good work - well, after your mission!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bragging Rights....

As a mom I'm allowed to brag, right? It's not often that your son gets his picture in a magazine, or at least not mine. Sure my kids have been in videos & even done some modeling for clothing & shoes (sorry a little more bragging but they were smaller & cuter then) but I think this is the first time that one of them was in a magazine doing something that they love! If you get the chance (stop by your local bookstore) check out June's issue of Skateboarder magazine (page 75 to be exact) & you will see Zak pulling a stalefish (some sort of air) on his skateboard while on tour with Jamey & some professional skateboarders late last year. In fact, if you flip a few pages back (to page 69) you will see that this particular article was written by none other than Jamey (both Jamey & Zak are in the picture at the beginning of the article). I'm proud of both Zak & Jamey - Zak for riding like a pro & Jamey for finally getting to fulfill the dream of writing an article in a magazine.... Can I say he's published? :o) Hopefully he will get many more opportunities, he did a great job.
Any hoo I hope you get the chance to check it out. It's always fun to see someone you know get props for doing something well, let alone something they love to do!