Monday, September 20, 2010

Good-bye and a Do Over

Yesterday I was released as Young Women President. I truly believe that YW is the BEST calling ever! It keeps you busy, but then there's these faces to see every week... (some are missing) I will really miss the girls. I was asked, "now who will act like my 2nd mom and get after me"? I'm only a phone call or a text away!! Always willing to do my share of nagging - ask my kids:)
I have been trying to remember all of my callings of the past and how long I was in them. I always thought I should write it down, but I didn't. I must have spent about 10 years in YW, 8 in Primary, and 4 in RS.
My new calling is Enrichment Leader. I've been Assistant Enrichment Leader, Enrich Leader, and RS Counselor over Enrichment. I guess I haven't gotten it quite right yet, so I get another shot at it. It's not something I am comfortable with, and haven't learned to love that position yet. Maybe that's the problem. They say you get released when you get good at it or you love it. Hopefully both of those things will happen. I am definitely relieved that I will have more time on my hands, and can't wait until I have a Wednesday night home alone...but I will miss my girls. They are in really good hands, so that helps!! I am just reassured by the treasured relationships I have with some of my previous young women and I know it's not really good-bye.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crazy Fall Dinner

Wed night we had a combined youth activity. They got several choices of items to choose from. All of the items had different names listed, so they had no idea what they were ordering. Some were served water in a bowl, apple juice in a sippy cup, etc. Jason didn't order a plate, so here he is being served waldorf salad and olives directly on the tablecloth. Others ordered salad dressing and olives, but no salad. Thanks to everyone that helped! It was a really fun activity.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Water Polo Has Begun

It's that time of year again...water polo season. Jason's #2 red, right in the center. They get really physical. I get tired watching them.
Jason's in the center here, getting the ball from his opponent. (above) Do you see his opponent? That's that thing under Jason's face. Zoom in and you can see there's somebody there.

Eric is playing this year, too. He's the red cap on top of the little boy drowning. Anything to get the ball, but that's the better end to be on!! He plays novice and JV.

Here's Eric again. He's doing pretty well playing, but doesn't enjoy it as much as swim. He also is totally wiped out at the end of the day...not always such a bad thing. Last night he came home at 7:30 (after leaving before 6am) and still hadn't had dinner or done his homework. Hopefully he will be able to keep up this schedule and hang tough.
There are 33 scrimmages, games and tournaments until season end on Nov 5. The fun thing is we have kids in novice, jv and varsity now, so we get to go to ALL the games! And nobody volunteered to do the snack bar, so guess who's doing it?!! Although from the looks of our game last night, I will have tons of parental support.
Tonight started a varsity tournament. They played Torrey Pines. They got creamed! Those Torrey kids sure can swim hard, and drown others really well, too. Jason got evicted the 2nd quarter. Of course they were bad calls:) Now we're off to our 2nd game. Hopefully they'll do better this next game.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another School Year

Today Jason has his first day of school as a senior. He looks super excited, doesn't he? If you can't see the clock in the background, it's 5:50 am. Eric is a little more happy to be a freshman. I tried to take his picture outside by the pool like I normally do, but it was so dark it turned out pure black even with the flash.
I asked them how school was when they got home. Their response: "gay".
Although they did laugh a lot about how Stacey is trying to set up Eric with someone already, and how the teachers saw their last name and had comments. Troy sure gave a name for himself - and his brothers:) Eric's biggest complaint was coming home and having to be back at water polo practice in 35 minutes. The enthusiasm has worn off already!
Good luck this year, boys. I hope it's a fun one!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

90210 Day!

This morning this is the text that I got from my
hubby, I couldn't figure out what he was telling me - especially since we never really got into the TV show 90210 (too old I guess ha ha ha). I texted him back to see if he had lost his mind & this was his text back "it's the date". Ha ha ha
I got a good chuckle & felt kind of dumb.

I don't have much to post but I was sitting here missing my missionary son & thought I would post the most recent picture of him here. He is such an awesome missionary & he makes me more & more proud every day. I wish I could fly to Michigan to give him a big hug but I know it would only make me miss him more. Until the time he has completed his service (only 15 more months!) I will just look forward to that special day... just you bet I will be the first (maybe second to his dad) to give him a huge hug!

I love you Elder Prescott!!