Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Our Thanksgiving

We usually head out to the desert for a day during the Thanksgiving weekend, but several months ago we started asking our friends with desert toys who wanted to go and camp out there for a couple days.  The Sotos and clan were the only takers this year.  They have an awesome RV and we were able to crash it whenever we needed.  Their son, Georgie and his family came out, too.  Mark showed up with his cousin Mitch for awhile, so we had a great Thanksgiving Day and weekend with friends and family.  This was one of our best Thanksgivings we have had in a long time.  A great long weekend with not too much rushing around.  I didn't even mind tent camping, although we look like total losers amongst those huge toyhaulers and Kenworths!
 Thank goodness our friends use cameras.  I always take mine and then never take pictures!  The top picture is the only one of the 4 of us.  I thought about using it for Christmas cards because we won't be back again together until the week before Christmas, but I'm not too sure about it.  Some of my relatives may think we are in Iraq! 
There is a bombing range near where we camp.  They had all kinds of tanks and army trucks out there this time.  It is fun to go searching for bombs and bullets, and climb on the tanks.  (Only once in all the years we went there they were actually bombing, and I can tell you that you've never seen anybody run so fast in all their life!)
Lillian wasn't able to come home for the holiday, so Jason found a new girlfriend to keep him company.  She is such a cutie!!  But we did miss Lillian.
We are already planning on more trips out to the desert for the season.  I can't wait!