Friday, May 30, 2008

Swim/Dive Awards 2008

Yesterday was Troy & Jason's swim/dive banquet. Jason got an award for highest points for the Monarch Challenge that they had during spring break. Every day they had a new challenge of fun things, like holding one arm and leg and swim across the pool with the other arm and leg, or sitting on a kick board and paddling across the pool. I guess all the crazy stuff the kids do in the pool all summer long has paid off! They even swim with bungie cords attached to them and see how long they can keep going. Troy & Jason both got letters for swim, and Troy got a letter for dive. Troy also got an award for Most Valuable Diver. Pretty funny, because Troy WAS the dive team! I'm really proud of him for doing something on his own that interested him; not following the crowd, but really achieving on his own. He helped make a lot of points for the team. The banquet was really nice. Coach Ken is awesome and a great example to all of those boys. Too bad the slide show he spent hours working on didn't work. We're looking forward to getting a copy of it later. Thanks a lot, Coach.

Our baby is growing up!!

Yesterday Eric turned 12 years old. He is really excited to be out of Primary and in the Young Men's program. On Sunday he will be ordained a deacon and then the following Sunday he will be able to pass the sacrament for the first time. The poor kid had to spend his birthday night at the swim banquet for his brothers. I really appreciate all his sacrifice while we were supporting his brothers during their sports this year. (The picture is of Eric at the banquet. Sorry, kiddo. Maybe tomorrow I'll get some good ones at the bowling alley. Then it will be ALL ABOUT YOU!) Tonight David and I took him out for his birthday dinner at Hometown Buffet. (Troy & Jason are on a campout. Ahh, the silence!) Tomorrow he will get a "friend party" and on Sunday he will get a little family party. Yes, we consider the Carrs family by now!!!! He got an ipod for his birthday and they have been inseparable so far. Eric really is a joy to have in our family. He cracks us up a lot of the time, but has a really sweet side to him, too. You're a great kid and we love you, Eric!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Coolest Thing!!

Okay, I think I have found the coolest invention since the ipod. This is a turntable that plugs into the usb port of the computer. You put your albums on it and it digitizes the songs and sends them right to itunes. Yes, we still have albums - about 200!! David would never part with them. Now maybe we can get all of the songs onto the computer and clean out the cabinet. I've started with my faves from the 80's and it's been so fun listening to them. Now I'm doing David's heavy metal and it's not so fun. (I got it at Costco. If anyone decides to get one, be sure to get the same one. I got another one and it wouldn't work too well. This one is awesome!!) The quality is pretty good, too. Now I need a new ipod to be able to fit all the extra songs on!! Too bad Mother's Day is over. Hmmmmm, our anniversary is in a couple months.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sorry, I didn't include a picture of our backyard when we had the ramp - here it is. Now you know why it took us so long to clean this badboy up. This was a good weed killer, but now it is gone - boo hoo. Wonder why the home owners insurance wasn't happy with this little ramp?

cleaning up...

For those of you familiar with our backyard you will be amazed with this transformation. The top picture is our backyard ATR (after the ramp) - it was pretty much a mess with weeds, old ramp & wood, as well as our trampoline that was slowly dying. The second picture is our backyard now (BTP) before the pool. Thanks to Kevin & his tractor for doing a lot of the hard work (thanks Kevin!!!). Last weekend left us feeling so good we could actually see the progress - unlike all the other times we have tried to clean up this yard... I know how the Prescott boys felt growing up weeding & re-weeding their hill in the backyard - until their parents got smart & took care of that with landscaping! I am hoping to do the same thing. (Pictures will follow as a work in progress). Anyway, we will be spending this weekend putting up our new pool! Yea, bring on the heat. Ha ha ha...

Peter Pan

Here are some pictures from that special night....

Last week Noah was in his school play "Peter Pan". In total there were about 150 kids in this play. They had been practicing for several months during lunch & after school - at that time Noah was not too thrilled about it all, but come the day of the play he was in heaven. Originally he wanted to be one of the lead parts but after realizing how many lines those parts had he was happy with being one of the lead "Lost Boys". He did a great job & you could tell he loved the lights on his face & hamming it up for the audience. It was fun to see Noah in this play.


Girls, this is a test, trying to see if I can compose a message and send a picture or two.

Let me know if it turned out !!!

Swim & Dive 2008

Monday was Troy's dive finals, and last night was the finals for swim for Troy & Jason. I can't say I'm not glad it's over. We're all exhausted, but it's been a lot of fun, too. The boys have really improved since they started this season. Troy is the only boy from Monte Vista on the dive team. He broke league record on Monday - it lasted a few seconds until he got beat out by another boy. You almost had your name in the records forever, Troy. Way to go!! He got a medal for second place. For swim, here are their awards...

  • Medley Relay - 3rd place
  • 400 Freestyle relay - 4th place


  • Medley Relay - 3rd place
  • 400 Freestyle relay - 4th place
  • 200 breast stroke - 3rd place

Troy & Jason are on the same team for relays, if you couldn't tell. They really complement each other when they swim. When they were in water polo, one would trailer the other. The team parents started yelling "Prescott Power". That became their nickname. We're really proud of all the hard work and accomplishments they've made. Good job, boys!!