Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ski Beach

Yesterday we rented waverunners and went to Ski Beach. It was so fun!! The weather started out a little yucky, but turned out really nice. While I was sitting there I thought of a friend who likes to jet ski and didn't know about anywhere to go in San Diego. It's not even crowded in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, and here's the proof.
There were a lot of jet skis parked, but nobody was using them. What a shame!!

The boys all had a good time. They took turns driving and had a blast! Meet our adopted son, Mark:)

I went out by myself for a few minutes. It was kinda scary. I think I prefer being in a boat or else on dry ground on my quad, but it was still a lot of fun.

Jason, Mark & Troy
Here's Eric driving his dad. It was such a fun day. We had never ridden jet skis before (is that even a proper sentence????). It was a fun new experience. And yes, David still wants a boat. I think I only heard "Can we go buy a boat now?" only 5 times yesterday:)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Soak City

David, Jason & Eric were supposed to do a boat trip to Big Bear this weekend with their scout troop. The boat fell through, so they kept their days off. Eric asks David to play video games all the time, and he won't ever do it. Here he is trying to play Halo, and the boys are laughing at him. They've changed a little since Atari and Dragon's Lair:)
Then we went to Soak City. It was so much fun! Here's Eric getting off of the speed slide. Great timing with the camera - I caught him picking his underwear out of his butt. Why does he even wear underwear?????

Troy met up with us after he got off of work.

Here are my guys. It has been so long since we have done anything as a family besides swimming or hanging out at home.
It was such a fun day and I am so glad we got to spend time together.
Getting $5 tickets was a bonus! Tomorrow...another fun family day.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yesterday was a very sad day. I went to the funeral of David's "other mother", Maxine. Maxine was such a wonderful woman and touched the lives of so many people. I have been to many funerals, and I don't think I've ever been to one with more people there to pay their respects.
I got to adopt Maxine when I married into the Prescott family. I consider myself pretty lucky. David and his brothers were like brothers with Maxine's boys. She babysat Andrea's kids when they were little, so she was like a Grandma to those boys.
Here are some of the things I can tell you about Maxine:
  • she was an amazing cook
  • she was a dear friend
  • she was a terrific seamstress
  • she would be there for you no matter what
  • she would loan out anything she had to anybody (and she had a lot of stuff)
  • she had a bigger heart than anybody I know
David and the boys used to have a tradition on Mother's Day. They would make his mom, my mom, and Maxine breakfast and deliver it to them all as breakfast in bed (or out in some cases), because they were all his moms. When she had things around the house that needed to be fixed, he was the one she called - just like his other moms:)
Since her passing last week, I have run across a few things that I use frequently and thought, "Maxine made this for me". She also put on our whole wedding reception for us. She worked so hard and I will always be thankful to her for that. When my dad died, she helped me with the food for the funeral luncheon. When her mom died, we talked about the sadness of losing a parent and how lonely we were without seeing that person often.
My heart goes out to her family and the sadness they feel at this time. A few days before Maxine passed away, her brother died. Her dad left the day of her death to go out of state to another child's funeral. A few months ago another brother and sister-in-law died. They have had their share of grief for a long time! It is so sad to have that loss, but wonderful to know that they are all together now, and we will all see her again. But until then, Maxine, you will be missed tremendously. I know you touched my life, and I hope I can be even part of the kind of person you were.

On Target

In July there was an event called On Target. This year it was a bigger deal than normal because it is 100 years of scouting.
President Monson, the Prophet, signals from a mountain top near Salt Lake City to hills around him. People on those mountains signal back, letting him know they got a signal. In turn, they signal to other surrounding mountains. The point was to signal coast to coast, and Canada to Mexico. They will get a report in another week or so to find out how it went throughout the continent. Here is David's varsity scout group that participated. They picked Iron Mountain from the mountains available.
Here is Eric shining the mirror into Seth's eyes.

Here are the large mirrors that they put together on tripods to signal to mountains around them.
They could signal over 200 miles away.

David said that this signal is from Mt. Soledad, signaling to let them know they received our group's signal.
The guys said that next time they will go to Mt. Soledad since Iron Mountain was almost 100 degrees that day.

Still a happy group.

Boys playing around.

Don and a telescope.

The guys got so hot. Eric had hiked in Levis. He was so uncomfortable he hiked down in his underwear. Seth had gym shorts under his pants, so at least he was decent:)

Here are the guys at the bottom of the hill. They were so hot and dirty when they were done!!
They had a pretty good time. It happened to be the first hot weekend of a cooler than normal summer. Go figure!
I think it was a pretty cool event just thinking about our prophet starting it all, and people connecting with each other throughout the continent. Maybe that's cuz I didn't have to hike it!! Good job, guys!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Especially For Youth!

Today the boys headed off to BYU for EFY... I'm not sure who was more excited, me or them? EFY at BYU was one of the highlights of my youth & something that I am so happy that my boys are able to experience. This year we were lucky because cousins & friends were able to go along!!

Here is a picture of the boys before they went to their accommodations.... Notice Simon's hair in this picture.

This is Eric with his group... Not sure what it is about Prescott's but they just love to be different (notice Eric is the only one not wearing the EFY t-shirt). I don't think any of the boys took one.

This is where Troy, Nate & Eric are staying... Nate & Troy look pretty comfortable, huh? I think they were getting settled in here.

I had warned Simon that his hair was probably too long for BYU standards... of course like usual he didn't believe me. I brought along the hair clippers just in case. What do you know? They told him he couldn't check in until he cut it. So he shaved it all off. He wasn't too thrilled. I'm hoping he has so much fun this week that it will make it all worth it!!

Didn't we do a great job? My family don't like long hair cuts so what ever you do you have to do fast! (or it ends up looking something like this)....

Doesn't Simon & Fielding look like they are thrilled to be there?

Getting Simon & Fielding settled....

I sure hope they all look this happy by the end of the week!!! Enjoy it boys!

Young Women Girls Camp

Our wards' young women went to girls camp two weeks ago. It was a lot of fun. We kept really busy and wore those girls out.Here is our mail post. I found the idea of the pots on sugardoodle (my favorite website ever!!). My counselor, Sandra, decorated them. She did such a great job. David built this stand for all the "mailboxes" to sit on. It's always so much fun doing "secret sisters". Pretty sure this is the cutest post office ever!!!
Sandra, Annette and I shared a tent. This is Sandra's bed. Can you see the tent bulging? It was even bulging out of the doorway. It was a 3 foot high queen size air mattress that she had all to herself. Oh wait, she shared it with two large body pillows and one regular pillow:) Annette and I shared a queen size air bed that was just about 6 inches thick. And can you see that headboard? SO FUNNY! Sandra sure knows how to camp!!!
We did some swimming there. Here's Bishop racing the girls across the pool.

We went on a crazy long hike on Thursday morning. We knew it would get hot, so we got up at 5am and got started. While we were on the hike we went geo-caching, as well as did mock injuries for first aid certification. The hike was about a mile or so to the first geo-cache (all up hill). Then about two more to the next one. There was a stone house at the second site with this rusty bed and springs outside. Whoever lived there really must have wanted to be left alone. We wondered how he got the bed there.

Here's after the hike. We survived it. Only two real injuries on the way down.

Friday we went to Bates Nut Farm. We had fun sampling the chocolates, eating rock candy, and buying junk food. Then the girls "talked" to the animals. They thought it was funny when the animals talked back.

This is our camp leader, Annette. She isn't even in our ward and helped us. We were so appreciative to her for all she did. She was truly a life saver!! Here she was talking and a fly flew in her mouth and she was choking. Being Miss Certification like I am, I pulled out the camera and took pictures instead of helping her. She survived anyway:)

You can't have camp without facials, can you?? Our last night we did a "faith hike". It was learning about Christ's life. Our theme was "Faith in Every Footstep". It turned out really well, again thanks to Annette. She put the whole thing together and it was a great way to lead up to our testimony meeting.

It was such a great time at camp, and I really did get to know the girls better. Camp is a lot of work, but we had great leaders and it went off beautifully!!