Monday, September 24, 2012

First Annual Ward Campout

I have always said that we need to have a ward campout, so one of the first things I said after David was called as Bishop is exactly that.  His response, "Then you're in charge".  That'll teach me!!  A few months ago we drove ALL over trying to find the best place for our ward to camp.  We found Thousand Trails in Descanso, and fell in love.  It was so much nicer than the others we went to, and there is so much to do there!  Who wants to be in charge of an activity and have everyone bored to tears?! 
There was mini golf, an RC track (kinda small, but what do ya want??), bocce ball, horseshoes, swimming, and the list goes on and on and on.  I am definitely not one that likes to be in charge, so needless to say, I have had stress for months about all the details.  Most were pointless worries.  People signed up like crazy for this new adventure and we had such a great turn out. 
Mini golfing with friends was first thing Friday.
Eric has worked for weeks trying to get his RC car running.   It did run - for about 10 minutes before it died and the pull started pulled all the way out.  It was too hot outside for his dad to want to put it back together.
 Next stop, swimming pool!  David got nice and cooled off, and had fun with his friends:) 
We heard a lot of great feedback, so I'm pretty sure it's our First Annual instead of our One and Only Campout. So many people pitched in and helped, and made this a great activity. You Rock, SW1!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Missing My Boy

It's not very often I post about Elder Prescott on this blog, but thought I'd switch it up.  His letters are always put on his own blog, but technically, this isn't a letter from Troy :)
There is an e-mail group for the missionary moms.  The missions are then separated into their own groups.  Troy's is the Pacific Islands, which consist of Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and Marshall Island Missions. The moms can e-mail with questions, concerns, vent, or anything else and get answers and support from others.  That is how I met my friend, Martha.  Her son is Elder Jacob Michael.   They live in Downey.  Troy and Jacob got their mission calls on the same day (or just a week apart).  Jacob went out in January of 2011, Troy in March.   I don't know if it's all missions, but this is a tough one because we may not hear from our missionaries for weeks or even months at a time.  Martha and I have helped each other get thru this time.  We even met face to face a few months back.  I sure hope we'll be friends forever!
The boys know that their moms are friends, so whenever they have the chance to meet up, they take pictures for us.  I'm sure that's Jacob's idea!!!  Jacob is the AP in the office in Nuku'alofa now.  He seems like he is such a great young man, and such a hard worker.  He has survived even the hardest of areas, the island of Nuia.  There is no electricity, little food, and so remote.  I REALLY hope Troy gets sent there before his mission is over.  Can you imagine having to catch your own fish to eat, learn which plants and berries are safe, read by kerosene lanters, and get to e-mail only when the generators are working?  (which isn't often)
Jacob had to travel to Troy's island for a meeting last week.  It was an 8 min flight!  After the meeting, they all went to another part of Eua (Troy's island), and stood at cliffs.  It is so windy there that if you throw something off, it blows back.  So they all threw ties and flip flops off.  Here they are standing in front of a massive land bridge there.  It sure is beautiful!
 So this week as I wait to hear from my own missionary, who has pretty much decided it's too much trouble to walk 3 minutes to the airport to e-mail his mother, I will enjoy reading Jacob's letters to his mom.  There's another missionary who writes wonderful, detailed messages to his family.  But he's in Nuia right now, so letters have slowed down tremendously.  I'm just happy that some of these boys don't mind writing!  We'll give Elder Prescott the benefit of the doubt and just say that he's super busy doing the Lord's work :)
I am so thankful for the opportunity that Troy has to serve his mission.  My friend came to me crying a couple weeks ago after Troy's "I'm hungry letter", and said she was so impressed with how much he's grown, and that the church has this program for the young men and women of the church.  Troy is definitely learning and growing from these experiences, and he will be the one that learns the most from his mission.  This picture makes me smile, but then makes me miss him more.  He is definitely NOT starving, and I think his eye looks infected.  But hopefully it's just because he's squinting from the bright sunshine in the Garden of Eden. 
6. more. months. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

They're Back!!

Our senior missionaries have returned!
Wow, the big day is here.  We were so excited to meet Joy & Max at the airport.  You know, you picture in your mind them coming down the escalator, the huge crowd gathers with a sign, and all the girls just cry, while everyone tries to get their hugs in...
As we all checked online to make sure the flight status was up to date, we noticed the plane was going to be an hour late.  Joy's cousin that works at the airport even checked and kept in touch saying, "yes, it's late".  Well, just a few minutes after their scheduled arrival time, Joy called and asked, "where is everyone?"  The phones started ringing and we all rushed to the airport to find them standing on the curb with their bags.  (Apparently the airline computers were incorrect)  Grandpa was so anxious to get his bags in the car and get home that he could hardly stand still for a group picture.  Kevin was out looking for Aunt Bobbie, making sure she wasn't lost.  It was kinda hectic and crazy, and not such the excitement we plan in our heads.  (Lillian even spent about 2 hours making the sign!!)  Their welcome home BBQ went about the same, as they arrived as we were leaving.  But we all have them for the rest of forever, so we'll get lots of time to catch up.  Welcome home, Max & Joy.  We're super proud of you and the 4 missions you have served.  Job well done!