Friday, March 27, 2009

Talent Show

Last night Eric was in a talent show at his school. He played the guitar and sang Anarchy in the UK by the Sex Pistols. He was soooo in his element up on that stage. He's played the guitar for a few years, but never sang before. I was surprised that he even tried it. That kid has some spunk! I took the video on my cell phone and it's really distorted, but you'll get the idea.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring has sprung!

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming & people in my house are sneezing because of allergies!! Ahhh, it's that wonderful time of year again! The weather here this week has been so nice... not as warm as I would like but definately springy. So in honor of spring, I have changed the background to our blog to reflect that feeling. I hope where ever you are on God's green earth you are enjoying a nice sunshining day today!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Home Goods

Yesterday I went to Poway to my friend's house to get my hair cut. I know, it's a long way to drive. There is a store up there called Home Goods. It has really cute stuff for all over the house and is really inexpensive. I got there and found this sign out front. Of course I had to take a picture of it and send it to David's e-mail with the caption "uh oh". He called me and asked, "Where are you?" I asked if I spent less than $5 if it counts. He said "no". Yay. Although we've been painting and finding all kinds of things for the house, I need to stop for awhile and save up for pool plaster...before summer gets here. Uh oh. I'm running out of time.

I bought this metal thingy that says "Believe". My family thinks it's stupid. It's funny how guys can walk in a house and instantly notice new things and ask, "Why did you buy that?" The answer is, because it was cheap and I need stuff to fill this boring house. I figure if I get bored with stuff, I can get rid of it without feeling guilty if I didn't spend very much on it in the first place. Now I have to keep some walls empty for awhile so we can fix that pool. I'm soooo impatient!

I do think everyone should go to this store, though. And it has lots of beachy items for Andrea, and Parisian items for Kim. Although, I think Kim probably doesn't need anymore "stuff".

Monday, March 16, 2009

Winter Formal

A week ago Troy had his winter formal. He met a group of 7 girls and 1 guy at BJ's for dinner, then they carpooled to the Sheraton at Harbor Island for the formal.
Here he is with a friend and his "date". (Who is just a friend)Janeen and Troy. I'm so glad the girls took cell phone pictures so I could at least see how they looked together since he didn't pick her up.
A few hours after the party started, the group that Troy went with decided to leave and go to a party. He decided to stay and dance with a girl that he liked. Yes, that's past-tense because he doesn't like anyone for more than a few days. I'm really glad that he makes SOME good choices when we're not around. I DIDN'T mind at all to get the phone call to pick him up. I'm still hoping for LDS girls, but at least he's not serious about anyone yet. We still have two more years till his mission. I hope I can make it until then!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rock Stars!

So this summer the boys band (The Jakked Rabbits) are going on tour with some other bigger bands (bands you probably have never heard of unless you like punk rock music), but bigger none the less... Because of this a CD is being made, it will be a compulation of 3 songs by each band. So earlier this week we loaded up the car full of amps, drums, guitars & all that paraphanelia along with the band members (Zak, Nate, Simon, Noah & Alex) and headed to the OC for a recording session. Now the boys have already recorded two CD's but this is the first that they got to do in a real recording studio.... it was pretty exciting to see them in the "sound proof" room & even more fun to hear them as they recorded. Due to "technical difficulties" (meaning the guy in charge didn't like the engineer & decided to reschedule half way through) they weren't able to finish their session. But with promises of getting to come back to finish it up & a skate session in their indoor skate facility everything was okay. I have never wished my kids to be professional anything, mainly because of the problems that come with being professional anything (athlete, musician, etc) except maybe a doctor.... does that count? Anyway they are enjoying experiences that most kids dream of & having the time of their lives. Enjoy it boys because once Zak leaves on his mission in August/September you're lives are going to change drastically (Zak is the drummer & main reason they have a band). The pictures of that day are above.....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Fun!

This weekend was full of food, friends, family & fun.... Friday night Jamey & I went out to dinner with friends. We went to several places that we had never been before (that's what happens when you let your friends plan the date). We started off at a place called Hash House a Go Go - the name alone scared me, but I was promised that it had gotten rave reviews & was supposed to be great. So we ordered & our food came - My food of course was on the biggest plate (I should say trough) - Sorry the picture is so poor, it was dark & I took it with my camera phone.

This was a chicken pot pie - pretty huge, huh? I only ate about a quarter of it, but it was good. My friends order fried chicken & waffles... sorry but that just seemed too weird for me. Although they swore it was delicious!! Then after that we headed for dessert (even though I didn't have room for more food, it was the plan). We went to Extraordinary Desserts & I must say I have heard great things about this place, but I was not prepared for it... It was almost like a club - bumping music & all. We had to wait about an hour for a seat (which was good considering I was so full from dinner). By the time we got a seat we were all ready for some dessert. We took some pictures while we were waiting for our table - here's one of us girls....
Saturday Night the boys band played with another band called Angry Samoans. They've played with this band several times & it's always a good time. Here's some pictures from the night.
What's a night out without some pool? The boys all killing time before their set.

Simon is the lead singer (or I should say lead screamer -ha ha). Zak plays the drums, Nate plays the bass & Noah finally gets to play backup guitar. Their other band mate is named Alex & he plays lead guitar. The boys all taught themselves how to play & I must say they have gotten better over the years. There were a lot of people there last night that saw the boys play several years ago that commented how great they were. Zak had shirts & CD's made & they sold a bunch of them there too. It's always fun to see the boys & hear the excitement of the night!
Uncle Brien & Aunt Jody came to see the boys play. It was fun having them there & the boys just love it when friends & family come to watch them. So next time be sure to come along!!! The energy there is incredible!!Last picture was a self portrait while waiting for the band to start playing... doesn't it look like we are having the time of our lives?? We were!