Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Bicycle - $ 50

Tank of Gas - $ 30

Rebuild transmission - $ !@#$

Happy teens - priceless NOT!!

How can this

cost more than this?

Sunday, September 27, 2009


This isn't the what we planned on having to deal with this weekend... ...but I guess you never plan for major car problems. At least when there was smoke, there wasn't any fire! A mother never wants to hear "I'm on my way home, the car is smoking. I'll pull over if I see flames." There's transmission fluid all over the street and driveway.
I took pictures of it being towed as we took off to our second h20 polo game of the day. 1st game 20-9!!! 2nd game - 8-12 :( At least they are winning some this year. Hopefully Jason's ankle will heal so he gets a little play time this year.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Reality Bites!

Okay so reality doesn't always bite, but I know all too well that life is not always fair & sometimes you wonder why oh why something has gone wrong in your own little universe. But then again I am an adult & by the time you are my age (*ahum* no number mentioned here) you've learned this fact about life & can usually deal with it.... but it makes my heart ache when my children have to deal with things that seem so unfair especially at such an early age. Granted, I think my kids are pretty awesome & actually they are pretty well rounded - they understand the big picture, they know where they came from, that they have a purpose here on earth & where they are going... but that doesn't always make bad news easier.

Recently one of my sons friends (and I say sons *plural* because he is a friend to all of my sons) was diagnosed with cancer. He's not only a friend, but someone we consider like family. He spends a lot of time at our house & my kids spend a lot of time with him & his family. His grandma lives next door to our grandma. He also went on tour this summer with my kids & has paid his dues (sharpie face paint, smelly socks, stage diving, LGP, the whole bit).... He is a great kid, someone I don't mind my kids spending time with. It just seems like too much for someone his age (and my kids age) to have to deal with. We are thankful that his prognosis is really good & continue to pray for his quick recovery. I am thankful that we know the power of prayer & no matter what happens in life we know that there is more to God's plan than this.

What is that old saying? God won't give us more trials than we can handle? Not sure that's the saying but it's something along that line.... I'm sure this trial will make us all stronger. We love you Bryce! We're praying for your quick recovery.

You'd never know that I started this post with the title "Bloggers Block" - you know like writer's block?... sorry I haven't posted in a while, even though we have been extremely busy I just haven't had time to share. I'll try & post some pictures soon & write something a little lighter or more uplifting next time!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My First Day of Seminary

Today I went to seminary for the first time ever. I never had the opportunity to go since I didn't grow up in the church. My kids still don't believe me when I say that I would have gone if I was supposed to. (A mom has to try, right?) I was excited to go until David woke me up as he was leaving for work. It was really early. The thought always comes to mind - "how does he do it every day?"
I went to the stake center today where Shari teaches. I knew my kids wouldn't want me in class where they are. I've always heard amazing things about how she teaches and gets through to the teens. She is amazing.
You are probably wondering why the heck I would even want to go to seminary. Well, I have been one of four people called to be a seminary teacher for the late start Mondays at the SV
bldg. Since I have never been in a seminary class, I thought that I should at least see how one is run. I will probably only have to teach 7 times in the school year. That still horrifies me. (My kids have already said they're not going on the days I teach. I really hope they don't mean it)

There are a few callings I said I would never want. Nursery, gospel doctrine, and seminary teacher. I said yes to this because I know that's what we're supposed to do, but the other two are completely OUT of the question. You know that game "Would you Rather"? Let's just leave it at that:)

I got some great ideas from Shari today. I am pretty confident I can fill about 20 minutes of time as I study the lessons. What the heck am I going to do with the other 30 minutes? Maybe take little carpets and a magic wand and let them have nap time like I remember having in Kindergarten. Food always works. Oh no, I'm in soooooooooo much trouble!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day!

Today is the first day of school for Troy & Jason. Troy's a senior, and Jason's a junior. I can't believe they're that old. I know, I always say that. But it's so true. They're growing up way too fast. This will be Troy's last year in high school (we can only hope:) They even left on time for seminary today.

As tradition goes, I always take pictures on their first day of school. I knew these two would give me a hard time. I bribed, pleaded, and nothing worked. I think they had fun with the chase. Every time the camera would light up right before it took the picture, they would make funny faces. I caught a few pictures of them at their car. Jason's already called me and asked me to come change his classes. They gave him periods 3-7! Since Troy can't call me, I don't know how his schedule is. I guess I'll just have to wait until after school to find out. Wah. (Just for your reading enjoyment, babe.)

After the boys left, I got reacquainted with my old friend, Tread Milton. Poor TM sits in the corner collecting dust. He makes a lot of noise, so I can't use him when the kids sleep in till noon during the summer. Who wants to work out at noon, even with a/c?!! TM leaves me notes sometimes and says he misses me. He hasn't left me a note in awhile. Maybe he wanted me to enjoy my summer without him:) TM and I had a good time together today. I hope I am motivated to play with him most days, and that today wasn't a fluke!!!!!

This is Tread Milton.

Shopping Day!

Monday Becky, Gabby and I went to a really neat store. It is called Tai-Pan Trading. I guess there are several in Utah, but the closest one here is in Rancho Cucamonga. It was a nice drive visiting each other, and lots of fun browsing through the store. We walked through the whole store and I felt like I could do it all over again and see all new things. It's a huge store and there was just so much to see. I definitely need a bigger house to fit more cute stuff in! I can't wait until I go back again!!

Jason's 1st Baptism

Friday night Jason was able to baptize a new member in our ward. He was really nervous, because this guy weighs about 3x more than Jason. David came home from work and had Jason practice baptizing him in the pool so that he could feel comfortable knowing that he would be able to get the man back up out of the water. It made a huge difference, and Jason was really comfortable when the time came. He did a great job! I love seeing the spiritual side of my kids. It gives a mom hope:)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fun in the Sun....

On Saturday a bunch of us family got together at the beach to have a little fun in the sun.... It was great getting together & enjoy the beach together. Believe it or not the water was warm! We all went swimming, body surfing & boogie boarding. It was fun. Enjoy the pictures! (For those of you that didn't make it, we missed you!!!)

The boys all skim boarded & were getting really good! I'm just glad no one hurt themselves!
Wyatt enjoying the sand. But this is as close as he wanted to get to the water. (He made himself a little pool to play in & loved it!)
More skim boarding....
Is that David or Jamey? Ha ha - hard to tell....
Kevin & Nate digging the "pool" for Wyatt to play in.
Wyatt helping his daddy get more water for his little "pool".
A bunch of Prescott boys.....

Thanks guys for a fun day at the beach! It was great fun.